I started this new venture in April 2018 after a few months of job hunting only to realize that my kids are growing up way faster than I could ever have imagined and flexibility was necessary.  So the toss-up was obvious and I took the plunge with my friends and family being my greatest fans.  My biggest obstacle was to just start.  This was the hardest part and it took many glasses of wine and lots of love and support from everyone.

Our clothing range is stylish and practical that has been tried and tested by none other than the core of this little business – my mates which I might add have back grounds in fashion design, graphic design, production and a whole heap of fanciness. 

I wanted to have a little range that is stylish but not mumsy, easy to wear but with a little more detail and something that sits deep within my heart – proudly South African.  I wanted my customers to get value for their money with pieces that are versatile knowing that the piece they have bought has contributed to our local community.

We have a wonderful team of women in and around Cape Town that are the backbone of this business.  Their knowledge and understanding of the industry and their enthusiasm to share their skills and knowledge have been invaluable.

now available
spring/summer 2021

Our gorgeous new Spring/Summer 2021 collection is here.